Robert Keogh

National Volunteer Week – Cheers to our Volunteers!

Our annual calendar is full of awareness days and weeks that draw attention to a myriad of different causes.

All are worthy, all are wonderful and all have something in common.

They rely on volunteers, that silent army of unsung heroes that is the very lifeblood of our great country.

Beyond Bank is honoured and privileged to be the key national partner of Volunteering Australia and, in National Volunteers’ Week, we think this is a great time to give this organisation and its legion of helpers a heartfelt cheer for their caring and compassion, their patience and persistence to build stronger communities day in, day out.

Volunteers are everywhere. They look just like the rest of us.

They may be your neighbor, your workmate, your friend. They may well be you.

You will notice them pitching together in times of crisis, like the Sampson Flat bushfires in SA earlier this year. They are always ready, willing and able. No job is too big, too small. There are no complaints, no cross words. Just turn up and help.

You will see them at Saturday morning sport, the mums and dads who coach, manage or cook the sausage sizzle at their child’s sporting club.

You will know them as charity workers who clock up countless hours fundraising, preparing meals, serving at thrift shops or as carers who tend to the frail, elderly or disabled.

You will recognise them as counselors whose support and kindness gives hope to those who are sad or alone.

What is remarkable about them all is that they go about their work quietly and with a minimum of fuss, keeping our community humming along.

They don’t seek accolades, promotion or applause. Indeed, I think most would be embarrassed by that.

Instead, they are driven and motivated by a far more profound belief. They give because it feels right and it is the right thing to do.

They know that you get back far more than you could ever give out.

And they know the inherent value of a smile, a helping hand, those small gestures that have a big impact.

Small gestures, big impact and profound lessons for how we as a State care for those who are not so fortunate.

It’s about building strong communities. It’s about lending a hand and stretching out the arm of friendship.

Where would we be without them?

So, in this important week, a week when we can say a proper thank you, please join me in sending a cheer to our volunteers who, in their own special way, make our great country just that little bit better.