Position Filled

World Solar Challenge – Various Locations SA

Do you want to be a part of the 2015 World Solar Challenge? Then here’s your chance!

The 2015 World Solar Challenge is looking for volunteers to assist with various roles available in South Australian locations in October 2015. Volunteers can opt to assist in their local region or join the challenge from the beginning and travel with their allocated team from the start point in Darwin.

Utilising no more than six square metres of solar panels, some of the world’s brightest young minds are on track to develop the most efficient electric vehicles possible. The World Solar Challenge puts these innovations to the test and requires event support volunteers to staff mandatory control stops located between Darwin to Adelaide.

Various roles are available including:
• Team Observers – travel with a team from Darwin to Adelaide, keeping records of events as they occur. Observers bring their own camping equipment and personal items with them; travel expenses, food and water is provided.
• Control Stop Managers – To establish the control stop set-up which may include the placement of signage, set-up shade tent and work area, laying out cones and markers to create lanes for incoming solar cars, establishing parking areas for support vehicles and managing public traffic; ensuring that toilets are available/usable; that equipment, including internet access and daily reports are received and published. Locations requiring volunteers include Coober Pedy, Glendambo and Port Augusta.
• Client Relations Managers (CRO) – At control stops, teams want to report actions of other teams, clarify a regulation, lodge protests and other matters. The CRO is the person who the Team Manager (often with limited English and his entire team standing behind them) is to talk to and agree the action and outcome. The CRO is supported by the Clerk of Course.
• Volunteer Relations Managers – Manage the arrival, departures and movements in and out of control stops. Direct volunteers to available amenities and assist any volunteers who cannot continue with the event to find accommodation and transport back to Adelaide.

All volunteers must hold the ability to operate in extreme weather environments; as well as strong communication skills to liaise with international teams.

Food, transport and accommodation will be provided where required.