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4 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Move

If you’re getting ready to move, chances are you’re feeling slightly more stressed and budget conscious than usual. The costs of taking out new home loans, paying bonds plus your first month’s rent or changing services providers can all start to add up.

This is why we’ve come up with four great tips to help you have a move that won’t break your budget.

1. Declutter
Start by sorting out your things into keep, donate and throw-away piles. This way, you’re ensuring that you only take the things you actually need with you into your new home and save money on packing material and transport costs.

A bonus of decluttering is that you can sell your unwanted items at a garage sale or online for some extra money that could go towards covering the costs of your move (or towards that going-away barbeque). Anything that doesn’t get sold can be donated to charity.

Starting the decluttering process early also means you’ll avoid frenzied last minute packing which are time and money wasters when the moving truck is waiting.

2. Recycle
Don’t spend a fortune on packing materials – most supermarkets and grocery stores will happily give you their old cardboard boxes. Ask friends and neighbours for old milk crates, boxes and packing materials and go easy on the bubble wrapping – old newspapers also do a great job of protecting your non-breakables from scratches.

If you simply can’t get a hold of cardboard boxes, consider hiring them instead. Companies like Hire a Box offer reimbursements for returned boxes after use and will pick them up for free within the first 3 months of hiring.

3. Clean
For those moving out of rented apartments, doing a thorough end of lease cleaning can help get all your bond money transferred back into your bank account.

4. DIY or Professional?
It may sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes hiring a professional removalist company not only saves you time but money as well. Professional movers come with the right size truck and tools ready to dismantle and reassemble your furniture so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on multiple trips to transport your items.

If you do decide to call in the professionals, try to plan your moving day outside of weekends and public holidays as some companies charge a surcharge for these time frames. Remember to get three different estimates for comparison and ask about the insurance coverage and guarantees that each company offer, such as what happens if a move is delayed or postponed.


  1. Jasmine Powell

    Nice post. Tips are simple and quite helpful. I’m moving in the end of the month and just started decluttering. I’ve decided to move by myself this time and will take only the stuff that fits in my pickup truck, nothing more. I’m taking some ideas from your post for myself. Thank you for sharing!

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