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Advice from an entrepreneur – Just do it!

I have lots of ideas, some are great, some probably not so great, which probably doesn’t help when I am already busy enough!

One of my great ideas was a regional co-working space, kind of like the co-working spaces you see in Sydney or Melbourne or the US but for it to work regionally it had to be a little different. In 2013 I came up with the name of my co-working space “Working Spaces” and made my Facebook page. I did a few posts here and there and I let my little idea sit in the back of my mind.

Then out of nowhere (well twitter) I saw an opportunity to bring my co-working space to life; I saw the Beyond Bank Entrepreneur grant for my region of Wagga and I decided to “just do it” so I spent a few weeks and a lot of late nights taking that idea in my head and turning into a business plan. I thought if anything now the idea is out of my head and it just needs a lot of action (and capital) to get it going!

Whilst on holidays in Queensland I got the call from Peter about my successful application. I was so excited, I jumped onto my laptop and got to work. All those late nights paid off, I had a very clear business plan and all I had to do was execute. When I did my application I reached out to a few people to get some feedback on my idea and did a survey and before I knew it I was connected with someone who needed a “place to work” one day a week on her “startup”

Before any official announcement the tradies were booked and some space was leased. On my first day back at work in my office I was greeted by Di – my very first “customer” of Working Spaces HQ Wagga Wagga.

Di is the owner of RGTC (Regional Grants Tenders and Corporate Services) specialising in grants research and writing, tender submissions and awards nominations. Di is passionate about linking small regional businesses with opportunities they otherwise might miss out on when competing against large corporations.

On Di’s first day she confessed she achieved more in 4 hours than she had in the past 4 days working in “Working Spaces HQ” which validated the whole concept of Working Spaces HQ. Thanks to Beyond Bank this is no longer a little idea in my head but the first of what I hope to build – hundreds of “Working Spaces” across regional and rural Australia. So if you have a little idea in your head, just start, just do it, write a plan and let the journey begin.

The Beyond Bank Community Entrepreneur Program provides entrepreneurs with grants and access to support networks in order to assist and realise their dreams and to promote local economic development.

Twice a year, business grants are given out to support people and businesses that are looking to create good outcomes that benefit the local community in which Beyond Bank operates. To find more about the Community Entrepreneur Program – register your interest here.