Car add-ons

Car add-on features that will save you money down the track

When purchasing a car, look at everything available, including warranties, servicing and features. They may cost you more money now, but there are long-term benefits and savings.

Extended warranty

Extended warranties cover you above and beyond the statutory or manufacturer’s warranty.

The statutory warranty, detailed in the Motor Dealers Act 1974 states that new cars must have a minimum 12-month or 20,000km (whichever comes first) warranty from the date of sale.

The extended warranty is especially important when it comes to major mechanical or electrical faults and any major repairs that may pop up. If you don’t have the warranty, you’ll be forking out the cash for them. Just remember to read the terms and conditions carefully so you fully understand what is required as most require a car service a couple of times per year to keep the warranty valid.


It’s important to service your car in accordance with the maintenance schedule. While many dealerships will tell you that you need to have your car serviced by them, this is not the case. However, your warranty can be voided if an external mechanic cuts corners by fitting non-genuine parts.

The benefit of taking your car to the dealer is that the latest diagnostic equipment, service information and technical support will be available. This means anything your car needs will be dealt with on the spot. And while this may cost you a bit more, it means your car is always in the best shape. If something goes wrong down the track and your car is out of warranty, your loyalty may be rewarded.

So why service at all? Cars are very expensive and very complex, especially with all the new features and technologies. A well-maintained car will last longer and be safer. You may think those oil changes don’t mean much, but without them the engine may seize. And the tyres? Like most things, tyres are designed to wear with use, so if not given the right amount of attention, worn-out tyres can be dangerous, if not fatal.

Plus, want to sell that car in the future? Service records are always checked.

Technological features

Perhaps the most obvious add-on feature that saves you money in the long run is the start-stop system, which automatically turns off the engine when your car is idle, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This means you’ll fill up your car less frequently.

The other feature that is likely to save you money (and, let’s face it, lots of stress), is your GPS. Nowadays, navigation systems can account for traffic jams, construction and tolls, and they’ll ask if you’d like to proceed via the shortest route or the quickest route. Choose the shortest route and you’ve saved petrol. Choose the route without tolls and you’ve just saved yourself a few bucks. Choose the route away from the construction site and you’ve likely avoided some wear and tear.

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you’re likely to make, so you may as well make it a good one. Look at everything that’s included and all the extras to make an informed decision that will definitely save you money in the future. Check out our Low Rate Car Loan and learn about how Beyond Bank can help you get the car you’ve had your eyes on.