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More than just tax to think about this EOFY

The end of financial year can put your head in a spin: it’s tax return time. But before that you need to rally all your expenses and practically backtrack through a year’s worth of files and receipts. With that in mind, it’s easy to forget about your other financial commitments such as revisiting debts and setting yourself up for a prosperous New Year. Here are three easy steps to ensuring your other financial commitments are in order before EOFY.

1. Consolidate debts
If there’s a financial commitment worth having in order, it’s money you owe. Luckily there’s an art to consolidating debts that can still give you access to credit while minimising the sting of interest on your repayments. By choosing a 0% balance transfer credit card [1] for instance, you can consolidate debts and not have to worry about interest for a number of months – which is when you should buckle down and get the outstanding amount knocked over.

2. Automate recurring expenses
Direct debit is a crucial consideration when fighting against unnecessary fees, as it allows you to make sure each and every recurring financial commitment will be taken care of. Looking at simple debit accounts and organising your direct debit payments is arguably the easiest way to get peace of mind around regular payments such as bills, rent or debts.

3. Ditch account keeping fees
Paying for account keeping fees is like being stung for simply being alive – it doesn’t make sense. If you want a competitive edge in both your business and personal life in the new financial year, partner with a team who understands your needs and won’t charge you these fees. If you’re currently paying account keeping fees, it’s time to switch – you could even put your newfound savings directly into a savings account [2] and watch what was once a regular pain become a nice bit of wallet padding.

Using these three simple tips, you can say hello to the new financial year with your tax and everything else financial sorted, too.

Michelle is the Money Expert for finder.com.au [3], one of the biggest online comparison networks in Australia.