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Waste Free Lunch Box!

Beyond Bank [1] is getting serious about reducing its waste and we’ve come up with 5 tips to help you pack a quick and waste free lunch box for the kids…

  1. Same, Same!
    Determine what your child likes most in their lunch box & stick to that same winning formula each day. For example: Piece of fruit, sandwich or wrap, piece of cake, crackers & yoghurt
  2. Buy big packs
    It’s cheaper and uses less waste to buy a large pack of tiny teddies, cheese or crackers and store in containers than it is to buy individually wrapped portions
  3. Ditch the pouches!
    Pouch yoghurts and fruit are full of sugar and head straight to landfill. Place Greek yoghurt in a small container and flavour with maple syrup or jam – YUM!
  4. Dinner for lunch?
    Consider making chicken schnitzel and burgers one night each week and make extra for school lunches the next day. Use a compartment container – one side for the meat and the other for the sauce!
  5. Right Tools
    Supermarkets have a range of functional storage solutions that can be used in lunch boxes. Sandwich bags, fruit holders & aluminium compartment containers are useful ways to keep food fresh and reduce waste.

Do you have any other tips to share?