Beyond Bank banks on a new partnership

Beyond Bank has a long history of working with the community.

It’s one of our core values and we are proud of the strong partnerships we have formed over the years.

One of our more recent initiatives is supporting the newly established Zahra Foundation in SA which provides assistance and support for women and children in times of crisis.

Some examples of these needs are basic food and clothing assistance, starter packs for setting up a new home, school uniforms, emergency mobile phones and support to women not entitled to any form of income.

To assist the establishment of the Zahra Foundation, Beyond Bank has provided a community development grant of $20,000.

Further to this, Beyond Bank is also looking to work with the Zahra Foundation to develop and implement programs for women in the areas of financial literacy, skills, employment and business opportunities.

We know that financial independence is critical in supporting a woman’s decision to leave, and remain free of, an abusive relationship.

And it is hoped these opportunities will specifically address the financial disadvantage that women in this situation face and ultimately build sustainable futures.

On a lighter note, our National Community Development and Sponsorship Manager (and elite athlete) Shane Farley has also decided to pitch in and support the Zahra Foundation and its entry in this year’s City to Bay fun run.

Founding members, Arman, Atena and Anita Abrahimzadeh who happily admit to being average runners, haven’t participated before and were keen to get some tips from Shane.

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