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Whyalla Rotary Science and Engineering Challenge 2015

Education and fun was set to be a big winner for students attending the 2015 Whyalla Rotary Science and Engineering Challenge hosted by the Rotary Club of Whyalla [1]. The event was held on Thursday 25 June in the Recreation Centre providing an ideal venue for the challenge.

Students from within Whyalla and across the Eyre Peninsula were invited to attend, participate and display their skills in a very competitive atmosphere. This year there were six schools competing, however Stuart High School and Hawker Area worked as one team. The other schools represented at the Challenge were Cummins Area School, Whyalla High School, Port Lincoln and Samaritan College.

On Wednesday morning, volunteers and committee members helped staff from the University of Newcastle unload their van laden with equipment. During the morning helpers set up the challenge activities in the sports hall, then attended a briefing at each activity in readiness for the next day.

The following morning commenced at 8:30am when the committee welcomed the schools and volunteers. When all the schools had arrived, everyone gathered in the hall for a quick induction before students headed off to their first activity.

So what is the Science and Engineering Challenge?

It’s a nationwide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle [2] in partnership with Rotary Clubs, universities, community representatives and sponsors.

Through the Challenge, students experience aspects of Science and Engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment.

The Challenge runs a range of programs but focuses on inspiring students in year 10 to consider a future career in science and engineering by choosing to study sciences and mathematics in years 11 and 12.

Congratulations to all participants and for the second year  Cummins Area School was the overall winner of the team Challenge.

As the corporate sponsor, Beyond Bank’s Community Coordinator Gill Harvey volunteered on the day, helping at the event.

The Rotary Club of Whyalla, sponsors, volunteers, teachers and of course students must be applauded for organising and participating in another very successful event – well done to everyone involved.