organic food

Why is Organic Good?

When it comes to organic food and products the benefits are endless. Here are a few reasons why organic is best:

1. Organic Certification
Few industries are expected to meet international and national certification standards like organics are. NASAA is the premier certification body in Australia and they are responsible for certifying organic items and developing and maintaining the framework.

2. Animal & Worker Welfare
Certified organic produces must meet strict guidelines in regards to the way they look after their people and animals.

3. Supports Local
You’ll often find the organic produce and products at your local supermarket are locally produced &/or Australian made.

4. New Australian Industry
Australia’s organic industry has enjoyed solid growth over the past ten years and is now one of our top performing economies! As we support this sector and it expands so will the number of jobs and opportunities.

5. Natural Environment
Organic farming works with our environment by using natural processes to guard against pests, maintain soil fertility and produce healthy crops. Furthermore this approach results in lower carbon emissions and waste materials.

6. Better for You
Credible studies have now proven organic food contains higher levels of key vitamins and minerals our bodies need for health and wellbeing.

7. Tastes better – MUCH better
Trust me on this. I dare you to try a non-organic and organic apple at the same time to truly appreciate this point!

8. Full Range of Products
These days you can find a full range of organic products such as milk, skin care, fruit & vegetables, meat and eggs at mainstream supermarkets.