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I was very honoured to receive the Beyond Bank Entrepreneur Award for WA. It’s such a great program and with so many great start-ups here in Perth, I’m very humbled that Epic Delivery managed to get noticed.

Epic Delivery was a dream of mine 5 years ago and it wasn’t until 3 years ago, when nobody had built it for me, I decided to build the thing myself. Developing these tech products takes a lot of time, energy and perseverance. I’m very proud of my team for what they have helped accomplish and I must thank my two developers, Ken and Dani for their blind faith in me and the idea that was Epic Delivery. Thanks guys.

Epic Delivery is an app that enables you to request virtually anything you want from nearby merchants, and have it delivered to you as quick as within the hour. Essentially, the ‘Uber for Stuff’, our network of ‘Runners’ can fetch and deliver anything you want, from fast food and groceries, to alcohol and tools. We will be launching the iPhone version in the next couple of weeks, with a beta version on Android already available to a select number of Perth suburbs. Sign up at www.epicdelivery.com.au to be one of the first when it launches in your area. For those of you active, tech savvy and keen to be a part of our Runner platform, check the site to see if you fit the criteria and get applying!

The money we received from the Beyond Bank Program has been incredibly beneficial in helping us flesh out key features within the app as well as help us prepare our marketing campaign for when we come out of Beta. As a self-funded start up, the money has also meant we have been given the very important currency of time, without having to simply sell a chunk of equity of the company to keep us operating prior to our full launch. We also spent a small portion in decking our Runners out with a uniform to help customers notice their runner when they rock up to deliver. Keep a look out for these Runners zipping around the Perth CBD sometime soon!

Thanks again to everyone who has supported us, and thank you to Beyond Bank for seeing the potential Epic Delivery has for consumers and businesses alike.

Ryan O’Sullivan, Founder of Epic Delivery

Entrepreneur Grants – Applications are now open! (July 2017)

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