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Our Deputy CEO hits the road…but he is coming back!

Wayne Matters has been pounding the pavement lately, training for the “Bloody Long Walk [1]” to raise money for research into mitochondrial disease.

The 35 kilometre trek along Adelaide’s coastline from Lonsdale to Largs Bay is on Sunday, September 13 and after three months of walking, Wayne says he is as ready as he will ever be.

“I’ve been walking two to three times a week, building up to distances of around 20 kilometres,” said Wayne.

“I’m now tapering my training walks to shorter distances in preparation for the big one!

“I’m certainly going to be tired at the end of the 6-7 hours I estimate it will take me to cover the 35 kilometres.

“As a reality check though, a colleague recently completed the Adelaide marathon in under three hours, but he’s much younger than me though!”

Wayne says tennis and cycling are his normal activities so he has been surprised at how much he has enjoyed walking and once the “Bloody Long Walk” is completed, he intends to keep it up as part of his weekly fitness regimen.

“People tell me I look slimmer, but sadly, the scales don’t reflect this at all!

“I think it’s been more of a redistribution but every step has been motivating as I am pleased to be supporting such a terrific cause.”

Mitochondrial disease is a genetic disorder that drains cells of energy, leading to organ failure that can be fatal.

Its symptoms include loss of motor control, cardiac and liver disease, strokes and intellectual impairment.

There is no cure or effective treatment and it can strike anyone, including members of the same family.

One in 200 Australians may carry the genetic mutation, putting them at risk of developing mitochondrial disease.

The entire Beyond Bank [2] team wishes Wayne the best of luck next week and we look forward to seeing some photos of this epic feat!

If you would like to volunteer at the Bloody Long Walk, check out the opportunities available here [1].