Community Reward Account

Snag Free Fundraising – a big month for our Community Reward Account Program!

September has certainly been a big month for Beyond Bank and the many community organisations who are involved in our Community Reward Program. Through this unique program, we have been very pleased to be in a position to distribute $309,000 to many community organisations all across Australia.

For much of the last month, I have been fortunate to take part in a series of presentation evenings and site visits in each region we operate and meet with the people behind the community organisations that we support via the program. This has enabled me to hear firsthand how our Program is making a difference in their day to day operations and as an individual I have been extremely proud of the difference we are able to make.

Now I understand that this is a blog and not a sales piece, but there are a couple of key points I feel compelled to make. Not because we want to sell more savings accounts, but because this is a program that genuinely makes a positive difference in our communities through the normal every day trading activity of the Bank. I feel it is a story worth telling.

Let me start by saying that whilst many not-for-profits and community organisations seek support through donations and fundraising activities that have a hard cost attached to them, the Community Reward Account Program is different in that it is simple in design and ‘snag free’ in its delivery.

If you’re interested then here’s how it works. A supporter of any registered Community Reward Account Recipient can show their support to their favourite community organisation just by saving (not spending) their money in a Beyond Bank Community Reward Account. At the end of each financial year we then pay that organisation a Community Reward Payment based on the number of supporters that have decided to link their account to the organisation and the balances in those accounts.

If you’re now wondering what kind of return there might be in such a program it is worth noting that this year saw a local football club in Wagga generate a Reward Payment of over $20,000. Many other groups right across Australia received payments close to that number and we are seeing the numbers rise year on year.

The Community Reward Account Program is just one way that Beyond Bank is supporting local communities that support the Bank and it is one we are truly proud of.

If you’d like to find out more about our Community Reward Account Program please visit our website.

For a discussion on how your community organisation can partner with Beyond Bank please get in touch at

Below is a video from Southern Cross News about our Port Lincoln Community Reward event.