Andamooka Yacht Club

Thanks from the Andamooka Yacht Club

We were honoured to receive a Beyond Bank entrepreneurs grant in early 2015.

We had big ideas for our business and the Community of Andamooka but both being recent university graduates did not have the funding to bring these ideas to life. Beyond Bank made it all possible.

It has been an incredible experience opening the Andamooka Yacht Club, a cafe/community hub/gallery, located in the Andamooka Community Hall. We have had great support from the community in all aspects of the project.

One of the most rewarding aspects has been designing and creating everything by hand, using mostly recycled and upcycled materials. From all the tables and chairs to the jewellery displays and serving bench, we spent 6 months building the space.

It was an incredible opportunity to have this creative freedom and also to be able to work with people in the local community. Andamookans have to be the friendliest and most knowledgeable people. Seeing everything come together in the final stages has been very rewarding and opening our doors to the public on Saturday 29th August was a very memorable day for us. Since opening we have been very busy with locals and tourists alike.

Since opening the AYC it has been great to see different people in the community coming together in the space. Previously there was no family friendly place for people to catch up over a coffee in Andamooka. It has been great to see members of the community and tourists mingling and enjoying themselves in the Andamookan sun.

We’re forever thankful for the help of Beyond Bank in bringing this dream to life.

Kurt and Matilda

Andamooka Yacht Club Andamooka Yacht Club  Andamooka Yacht Club  Andamooka Yacht Club

Entrepreneur Grants – Applications are now open! (July 2017)

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