Travel Insurance

Why I will always take out travel insurance

Travelling overseas is a happy and exciting time in your life, there is so much to consider so it can be easy to overlook the ‘sensible’ parts of organising travel. My life experience has taught me to always take out travel insurance and I want to share that story with you.

I am sure everyone has a story about a friend that had something happen to them while traveling overseas. I have had friends with broken limbs, stolen passports and more. These are all good reasons to make sure you have travel insurance.

My story is a little sadder, my Dad died on the holiday of a life time while holidaying in Borneo with my Mum and friends. He wasn’t sick, there was no forewarning, It just happened. One moment they were on their trip of a life time admiring an Orangutan nest in the jungle, the next my Dad’s heart had stopped beating. That is one phone call I will never forget.

Having travel insurance ensured that Dad was bought home from a remote area in the Borneo jungle to his hometown in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. The insurer managed all of this for us with our chosen funeral director to ensure Dad was repatriated back to Australia.

It involved the Australia Consulate, many forms of transport including planes and cars and I would hate to think exactly how much it would have cost our family if Mum had not purchased travel insurance.

It was a shock and sad time for our family; and the insurance company looked after everything for us. I truly wouldn’t have known where to start to ensure my Dad arrived home safely and for this I will always be very grateful.

I would highly recommend you always take out travel insurance; it’s like playing Russian roulette if you don’t.

Having travel insurance definitely helped simplify the most traumatic time of my family’s life.