Road Raise

Beyond Bank supports Road Raise – raising money for CanTeen

This coming Sunday, October 11th I depart on a fundraising bike ride, Road Raise, in aid of CanTeen Australia, a wonderful organisation that provides much needed support for young people when Cancer turns their world upside down.

CanTeen is a particularly important organisation in my own personal life. My wife Jodi has spent the best part of the last 12 years working for them and I have seen firsthand the great work that they do to support, develop and empower young people going through the Cancer journey.

About 12 months ago to the day I attended an event for where I had the privilege of hearing a young CanTeen member, Kelsey, recount the heartbreaking story of how she lost her father to cancer as a 15 year old girl. It stirred some emotions in me and the following day whilst talking with a few close friends we resolved to do something to raise much needed funding and awareness for CanTeen.

As most of my inner circle is into the sport of triathlon and cycling, naturally we thought it might be a good idea to take on something challenging whilst raising funds for CanTeen and eventually settled on a bike ride to Melbourne. This would see us take in the regional areas of South Australia and Victoria – areas that CanTeen can provide much needed support to, particularly through their world first online support platform.

What started out as a small private bike ride between 3-4 friends soon developed into something a little bigger when I mentioned it in passing to some key people at Beyond Bank. The first person to truly get involved was Steve Nolis, Deputy Chairman of the Board at Beyond Bank. For those that know Steve, they would know that he is not the type to do things in halves and before I knew it, together we had recruited 12 additional riders who had all agreed to raise a minimum of $5000 each for the cause. Steve also agreed to ride the 970km journey and as an employee of Beyond Bank, I have to say it is quite inspiring to have a Deputy Chairman that was so willing to get so involved.

The buy in from the Beyond Bank team continued on from there. I am not the type to place any pressure on colleagues by requesting financial support for my own individual fundraising efforts but before I knew it word had got around and I started receiving unsolicited support from many of my colleagues.

Several of the Beyond Bank team have contributed in a big way, but it is the efforts of Marlaina McPhillips, our Volunteer Coordinator that have been quite humbling. Aside from providing the creative inspiration for our event name “Road Raise”, Marlaina has then gone on to raise in excess of $1000 for my personal fundraising page through organising special events and raffles. She has achieved all of this in her own time and brings an energy that I have rarely seen elsewhere.

In addition to this, our CEO and General Manager of Community Development have also taken a keen interest in the event and provided advice and support whenever required.

When I reflect on all of this, I have to say that I am humbled and proud of the culture of the organisation that I work for. Many organisations talk about their values but through this last year I have been able to see an organisation live them through their people.

It is a well worn cliché that an organisation is only as good as its people. If that holds true then as the National Community Development Manager at Beyond Bank, charged with the responsibility of ensuring that we add value to the communities that support us, I am filled with confidence.

If you’d like to follow our progress on the Road Raise adventure please follow us:

If you’d like to make a donation to the cause you can visit and select your favourite rider from the rider profile section.

For a discussion on how your community organisation can partner with Beyond Bank please get in touch at

Pictured above are Darren Phillips from Savill Packaging, Steve Nolis from Duncan Basheer Hannon (and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Beyond Bank) and Melvin Mansell Editor in Chief of News Limited


  1. Marg Green

    Well done Shane and the team of Road Raise we are all proud of your achievement and fantastic effort to ride and raise money for such a worthy cause. Also to Jodie and your back up team that drove with you which was fantastic support/effort. Unfortunately some of us have had the experience of a love one that has been touch by cancer so this is very dear to our heart.
    Thank you to all involed.
    Marg Green

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