Brenda’s recipe for real happiness

Brenda McCulloch is a cook by trade but you won’t find her in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant.

Instead, Brenda works in the noisy, hectic kitchen of Adelaide’s Hutt St Centre, plating up 200 meals a day for the city’s homeless and vulnerable.

Her clients come in second hand clothes, not suits; they need a meal, not a menu; they come for friendship, not business deals.

After serving up more than a million meals over 21 years, Brenda has become a true and trusted friend to people struggling with homelessness and poverty.

And along the way she has found that the recipe for real happiness comes by helping others, by doing good.

Beyond Bank is honoured and privileged to support Brenda and the outstanding work Hutt St Centre does, day in day out for people less fortunate.

Listen to Brenda’s story here.


  1. Beyond Bank

    Hi Steven, if you would like to volunteer at Hutt Street Centre, visit for more information. Alternatively, if you would like to support Hutt St Centre just by saving, you can open a Community Reward Account linked to them and we will donate a percentage of your annual average balance back to Hutt St Centre. Find out more here: ^Aimee

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