Merv Customer Service Award

Customer Service Award – Cessnock Chamber of Commerce

Recently I was contacted by the Cessnock Chamber of Commerce regarding a nomination I had received for Excellent Customer Service. One of my customers had nominated me and so I was invited to attend their awards ceremony.

I immediately asked who had nominated me so I could say thank you, but was told ‘sorry we can’t tell you that, the nomination had been done anonymously.’

So I set about trying to find out and started coming up with creative ways to try and ask my customers. I would start conversations with “Hey guess what, I have been nominated for …..” and “Guess what, one of my customers nominated me for …….” but nobody confessed.

So on awards night, Mandy, Carmen and I got dressed up and took ourselves off to the event, not only to see if I won, but also to see if I recognised any of my customers who were also in the audience that might have nominated me.

When the nominations were read out, there were 30 people in the running, and when the winner was announced, I was disappointed that it wasn’t my name read out, but then I put the award into perspective, I already know I practice great customer service every day, I pride myself in going that little bit extra with my customers – I know each one of them by name, I know their families, even where they go on holidays and one of my wonderful customers took the time to nominate me. I am already a winner.

I am still trying to find out which one of my customer nominated me, and my conversations still contain ‘Did you know that recently one my lovely customers nominated me for….’ and ‘I wish I knew who was kind enough to nominate me….” but I still haven’t found my No.1 Fan.

Merv Oliver, Cessnock Branch