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Kitchen Renovations on a Budget

So we purchased a house and it had a GREEN kitchen!  And after what seemed a life-time, but in reality wasn’t very long, I couldn’t take that green kitchen a day longer.

So after much debate we decided to do a renovation instead of replacing the entire kitchen. Everything still worked perfectly it was just ugly and tired, and renovating meant we avoided over capitalizing on the house.

One of the most surprising things I found renovating on a budget was that even the smallest change had a significant impact and a lot of this you can do yourself (thank you YouTube!). So based on my experiences here are some helpful tips I would love to share.

Tips for Renovating a Kitchen on a Budget

  • Cupboards: you can either buy new cupboard doors if your casings are still in good condition or you may choose to paint the existing (with the right paint you can paint both laminated or wooden cupboards). We used White Knight primer to ensure the paint would stick, this also meant we avoided the intricate job of sanding all the doors and cupboards.
  • Update the splash back: If you are on a real budget you can paint your tiles using White Knight Tile/Laminate paint or you may simply choose to replace the splash back altogether. We replaced our tiles and did the tiling ourselves.
  • Replace bench tops: we updated ours to something a little more neutral that would appeal to any future buyers.
  • Appliances: we updated the sink, taps, oven and cook top with something fairly neutral and affordable- it made a big difference!
  • Lighting- we upgraded from a giant ugly fluro light to down lights and pendants. The difference in the lighting alone was amazing.
  • Fittings: new door handles can be bought from the hardware store for around $6 each and make a big difference. If you can, take an old handle with you and use it to make sure your new handles are the same size. This saves on drilling new holes in your cupboards and filling in the old holes.
  • Gumtree is amazing. We sold a few of the old kitchen elements on Gumtree – the old stove, and door handles. It’s amazing what people buy!

Do you have any other tips to share?


























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