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Reward for Riding for Disabled Raymond Terrace & Lower Hunter

It was with such pride that I travelled out to Riding for the Disabled at Raymond Terrace (RDA) to show off the centre to our National Community Manager Shane Farley and to also present them with their community reward payment for just under $1100.

Over the last 12 months we have been working with RDA to raise awareness amongst their supporters, so it was pleasing to see the results turn into a significant increase in funding this year.

This cheque was the result of our Community Reward Program, a savings account that YOU as a customer can tell US who you wish to support. By simply doing your banking you can be supporting RDA and Beyond Bank will contribute a donation back to your organisation – it’s that simple!

The RDA run such vital therapy programs for those with a disability, but they don’t receive any government funding. That is why it is so satisfying to present this cheque to RDA, run by an amazing team of volunteers who have all been touched in some way. Their commitment is unwavering – ┬áso many I have met have said to me ‘once I started I couldn’t stop’.

To find out how you can support RDA with a Community Reward Account, visit our website [1].