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Update on the Great Cycle Challenge

I started cycling 3-4 years ago on a whim. I was getting a little older and slower, put on a fair amount of weight, was not particularly healthy and my knees weren’t up for a run any more. Our son’s bike was in the garage and I dusted it off and away I went and haven’t stopped since. Although I now have my own wheels and my wife Michele has joined the show.

That’s how the riding started and now I am a fully fledged MAMIL…Middle Aged Man In Lycra and loving it! 13kgs lighter and much healthier to boot.

Earlier this year I joined a local cycling organisation in Canberra called Pedal Power, mainly for the benefit of their cycling insurance policy, and as a result started to receive the quarterly magazine. I read about an annual cycling event being held in October called Fitz Challenge. I encouraged a few of my fellow staff members at Beyond Bank [1] to enter and now Jason Ridd, Relationship Advisor at Gungahlin Branch is joining me on the 50 km ride on Sunday October 25 sporting our Beyond Bank jerseys.

In Canberra there are a huge number of people volunteering and contributing to the community. I have been moved by the efforts of others which has had me searching for the something that I can do to help… so this is our way of doing our bit.

I have been blown away by the response right from my colleagues with so many people donating – so far Team Frame has raised over $2000!

Feel free to jump on board and support us. By supporting us you are supporting the fight against kid’s cancer: www.greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Riders/MikeFrame [2]

You will also get to monitor our rides and see where we go.

I haven’t missed a day of training in October for the 50 km Fitz’s Challenge this Sunday – I’m looking forward to it!

Along the way we have reached our total of 700km in riding and raising donations to Fight Kids Cancer in The Great Cycle Challenge but will keep going and might even be able to clock 1000km by the end of the month. The aim was to try and raise $500 but have already exceeded $2000!

Check out the greatcyclechallenge.com.au [3] and search for The Frames and donate today!

Mike Frame, Civic Branch Manager ACT