Knowles family

Audio describing at the Pageant

Last week we brought you the story of the Knowles family from Barmera in South Australia’s Riverland.

Emma and Paige Knowles are 9 year old twins who, like most other children become extremely excited around Christmas Pageant time.

The only problem is that Paige can see and Emma can’t due to a rare medial condition called foveal hypoplasia which means she can’t identify depth or dimension.

This has meant the family hasn’t made the trip to Adelaide for the Pageant as it is unfair for Emma with her limited vision.

But this year was different!

Beyond Bank Australia was pleased to fund a unique audio describing scheme which allowed those with impaired vision to access Pageant commentary.

All they had to do was tune in to the frequency, pop in their headphones and the Pageant instantly came alive.

“To finally be there with my girls was beyond words,” said Emma’s mum, Dianne.

“We drove down and were in our spot near the auditory processing platform on North Tce by 8am and the girls started drawing on the road with their chalk alongside the hundreds of other children.

“It was great to see my girls screaming and shouting next to each other to the point of being hoarse.

“In fact, Emma, with her headphones in was able to tell us what float was coming next and was even bragging about it!

“We now can’t wait until next year’s Pageant, mind you, in the meantime we are still getting Emma’s running commentary as we recorded the Pageant on the TV at home too.

“I think the excitement and adrenaline will last a while yet.”

Photo of the Knowles family from the Murray Pioneer.


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