Congratulations to the Young South Australian of the Year

On behalf of all of us at Beyond Bank Australia, we offer our warmest congratulations to Arman Abrahimzadeh who has just been named Young South Australian of the Year.

Arman is co-founder of the Zahra Foundation, named in honour of his mother who was brutally murdered by her husband in front of 300 people at Persian New Year celebrations in March, 2010.

Since this tragedy, Arman and his sisters, Atena and Anita have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about domestic violence and their Foundation, while still in its early stages, offers programmes and workshops to provide economic empowerment and financial literacy to women who have fled abusive relationships.

Arman strongly believes that it is through programmes like this that women will rebuild the confidence and self-esteem to find work, look after their children and start a new life.

Beyond Bank is proud to support the Zahra Foundation and in September, provided a $30,000 grant and a commitment to help develop its financial education content.

Arman, congratulations on an outstanding achievement and we look forward with great anticipation to the National announcement on Australia Day, 2016.