Sharon Chandler

Making the Pageant a family affair!

In 1996 there was a buzz around the office. We were just told that something exciting was about to happen and that staff would be involved.

When we found out that the Credit Unions were the new sponsors of the Christmas Pageant taking over from David Jones, everyone was so excited and couldn’t wait til November.

I remember that my first float was the Drummer Boy. It was a new float for that year and our float was in the media launch and on TV.  The amount of media exposure and buzz was astounding.

My husband Paul and mother in law Jill were also both work colleagues at the time and we were all in the Pageant that year.

This will be mine and my husband’s 18th time in the Pageant – we have both only missed two Pageants in the last 20 years. My mother in law Jill was in the Pageant about 10 times.

I have been on many different floats and this year I am excited to be on Alice in Wonderland as the March Hare.

Both my boys Luke and Troy have been in the Pageant. At the age of 7 Luke was on the Stardust Castle float and wore a pretty purple page boy outfit. Troy was on the float with Humphrey B Bear. They both thoroughly enjoyed being in the Pageant and it is a big memory of their childhood.

Paul, my husband, has mainly been a clown and will be again this year as he enjoys that the most.

We have made so many long term friends in the over the past years due to the Pageant and it is great to share it with so many great people.

The best part of the Pageant is when you first turn from South Terrace into King William Street and see those many happy faces from all ages it is such a treat to put a smile on so many faces.

We have all been so lucky to be involved in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant and it has been a highlight of our year since the credit union sponsored it 20 years ago.



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