Gloria teller machine

New teller-assisted service – Gloria

Earlier this month we announced a world first banking trial at Beyond Bank Australia.

It is the implementation of ‘Gloria’, a teller-assisted service solution that supersedes traditional ATMs.

The machine works by connecting with the bank’s core system which means it can do almost anything a customer wants like account transfers, withdrawals, and deposits including with cheques and coins, the list is endless!

The trial at our Waymouth St branch in Adelaide’s busy CBD is going well, so well that our Chief Information Officer, Robert Aitken flew to the United Kingdom a fortnight ago to present to a worldwide Retail Banking Conference in London.

Six hundred delegates attended from around the world, listening to Robert talk about how to leverage technology and innovation into everyday banking.

Robert also discussed the way Beyond Bank is transforming its customer service and the outcomes it has achieved along the way.

Well done Robert on a successful presentation – view the video case study below.


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