Kings and Princes

The Pageant Kings and Princes

While Beyond Bank has been a proud sponsor of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant for the past 20 years, it has only been the last 7 years that the Pageant Royal Family has included a King and Princes.

Over the past 7 years, we have been lucky enough to have 5 Kings represent Beyond Bank in the Pageant Royal Family, including this year’s King Fred!

Below are the memories some of our former Princes and Kings have to share from their time in the Pageant Royal Family.

“The best thing about being the inaugural Credit Union Christmas Pageant King, was being able to share the wonder of the Pageant with people from all generations, demographics and having the opportunity to represent Beyond Bank. I really enjoyed travelling throughout South Australia, and spreading the Pageant Magic.” – former King Matt, 2009

“Being Santa’s right hand man on the day was a lot of fun, the big guy knows some great jokes.” – former King Luke, 2010

“Oh the joys of Christmas, reign down upon us. I reminisce with great pleasure about my time spent as a royal in the Christmas Pageant and all the smiles I did bring to the children of Adelaide’s faces. There’s no finer way to celebrate the great baby Jesus’ birthday, than to flood the city streets with kids both young and old and spread laughter and delight by waving to them from a decorated trailer. I can’t wait to see what this years Royalty will be wearing…..” – former Prince Josh, 2011

“It is hard to say what the best thing about being a Prince for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant was as there were just so many things! Overall I would have to say the regional tours where high up on my list. We got to visit many schools in regional South Australia and meet children that don’t have the opportunity to see the Pageant live in Adelaide. I grew up in Country NSW and it was always a tradition to watch the Pageant on TV as we were unable to travel to Adelaide. So for me, it was giving back to the country communities in a different way. We even had a little boy give a carrot to us to pass onto Father Christmas to ensure that the Reindeers got to Loxton that year!” – former Prince Mike, 2011

“The best part of my Pageant experience was travelling to the regional communities, especially the schools for kids with disabilities. I was given the opportunity to dress up as Jolly the Elf, and seeing the smiles that this brought to the kids was so rewarding, as a lot of them are unable to go the Pageant each year, it was great to be able to bring the Pageant to them.” – former Prince Ben, 2013

“The best part about being King was the journey over the weeks leading up to the Pageant and sharing in the excitement that was felt by South Australia’s youth. The day was also overwhelming, with over 300,000 people along the Pageant route.” – former King Ryan, 2014


Beyond Bank has been proudly bringing you the #cupageant magic for 20 years.