Hannah & Judy

The Pageant Princess experience

I remember the year Mum was in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant and Dad bringing myself, my brother, family and friends to our usual spot.  Mum was on the Surf Float and it was her first time in the Pageant. I remember when her float came past her running up to us and high-fiving us. I was in absolute awe that she got to be in the Pageant – her float turned into one of my favourites after that.

Years later I was lucky enough to get a job at Beyond Bank and Pageant time was one of the most exciting processes I have been a part of. Being in the call centre at the time, there was an instant buzz around the office when float allocations came out, and seeing who else was on your float. Then it came time for costume fittings and rehearsals, and it all seemed so surreal because I never thought of all the work that people put into the Pageant until then.

My first Pageant day was amazing – turning the corner onto Pulteney street for the first time, I remember being in a state of amazement from seeing all the kids lined up on the street waving, and to turn to friends on my float and see my reaction echoed in their faces was amazing. It’s a feeling that happens every year, I’m not sure you can really prepare yourself for it.

This year is even better.  This year I am lucky enough to be a Pageant Princess. I’m loving the whole Royal process – the amazing members of the Royal Family, who are just absolutely great. When we are all together its always a fun time.

My favourite part so far has been the school visits and our plays. When you go out in front of the children their excitement for the Pageant and Christmas is astonishing. Their amazement of us in costumes is a whole other level and it really makes what we are doing worth it.

I can’t wait for our regional tour to go to schools and meet the children in the Riverland, and also for the visits to the hospital that are coming up.

It’s something that I’m really glad I put my name up for, its an experience I won’t forget, and I get to do it with great people which makes it even better.

Sharing an experience like this with my Mum makes it even more special.  Not many people can say that they have been able to share the Pageant experience with a family member.

This year I know that when I look to the crowd on Pageant day, Mum will be standing in our usual spot waving!

Hannah, Pageant Princess


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