Heather Pageant

‘Twas the night before the Christmas Pageant

Behind every major event there is an army of people working tirelessly to ensure its success.

They’re often the unsung heroes and Beyond Bank Australia’s Heather Gill certainly falls into this category when it comes to the annual Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

For several years, Heather has helped coordinate hundreds of lists, costumes, floats, staff and the many changes that happen right up until Pageant morning.

“It’s amazing to think that back in the first pageant in 1933, there were 8 floats and 4 bands,” said Heather.

“In 2015, there are over 1200 characters, more than 60 floats and almost twenty bands so no wonder there is now an army of volunteers!”

Indeed, no matter how you look at it, the Pageant is a massive operation and much of the organizing comes down to last minute checks on Pageant eve and morning.

120 people are needed to apply make up which take three hours starting at dawn on Pageant morning. That make up comes off with the help of 220 boxes of tissues and 65 jars of remover once the Pageant is over.

Volunteers prepare 1800 breakfasts near the start line and 1200 litres of petrol is pumped into the floats to ensure they make the 3.2 kilometre route without incident.

“While it’s always chaotic behind the scenes, I am glad I’m not needed for the clean up,” laughed Heather.

‘That involves washing and ironing three thousand costumes with 50 litres of washing liquid, 18 cans of starch and six bottles of bleach!”


Beyond Bank has been proudly bringing you the #cupageant magic for 20 years.