Wayne Clown

Wayne Matters – clowning around for 20 years

By day, Wayne Matters is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Bank Australia, one of our nation’s largest customer owned banking organisations.

But Wayne’s talents don’t end there.

He also has built quite a reputation as a clown in Adelaide’s annual Credit Union Christmas Pageant, skills he has honed over some twenty years.

“My wife thinks I’m a bit of a clown most of the time so she hasn’t been at all surprised that I’ve discharged this duty for the better part of two decades,” laughed Wayne.

“It’s certainly different to my day job that’s for sure but once you have the costume on and your make up done, you take on another character and it’s fantastic fun.

“And of course, nothing beats seeing the smiles on children’s faces on Pageant day.”

Wayne has amassed many memories over the years, including sharing pre-Pageant conversations over breakfast with groups of fairies, goblins and princesses, to name a few.

“It’s a bit of a Pageant tradition,” said Wayne.

“And it’s one of the stranger things you’ll ever see!”

Wayne also remembers surviving the hottest Pageant which was almost cancelled due to the extreme conditions and completing another just two months after major surgery.

“In hindsight it was probably a bit soon but I didn’t want to miss the Pageant and all the magic and joy that happens on this special day.”

This year, Wayne will be joined in the Pageant by his two teenage daughters, making it even more special.

“Funnily enough they haven’t asked for any tips yet, maybe clowning around just runs in the family!”


Beyond Bank has been proudly bringing you the #cupageant magic for 20 years.