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2015 Clare Christmas Pageant

Over 3000┬ápeople braved the 35c plus temperature to line the Clare ‘main street’ on Friday evening to be a part of the community Christmas pageant for 2015.

And as per usual the support group from Clare Lions Club managed and coordinated this time honoured event with the assistance of other service groups.

The local Clare Scout group proudly headed proceedings quickly followed by Beyond Bank [1] Business Development Manager John Morrison in his ‘borrowed’ Datsun 2000.

Our wonderful staff from Clare, supported by community volunteers Angus Harris and Dara, Alyssa & Bryce Toms flanked the sports coupe handing out antlers and slapsticks throughout the procession.

Adding to the fun and frivolity, staff members John Morrison, Gareth Toms and Abby Harris and our community volunteer family ‘the Toms’ entertained pageant goers dressed as clowns.

Trish Barrett and John Hunt provided the Beyond Bank community visibility, and at the same time some semblance of order, by refusing to don the clown suits!

The after party held in Melrose Park was, as always, a spectacular affair and being new to the district, Lions President Ron Wurst took the opportunity to introduce our Senior Relationship Advisor Gareth Toms to the large crowd.

With the festive season well upon us, the significant community partnerships involved in putting this magnificent event together reinforce that if we all continue to work as one, we can continue to create more good together.