5 reasons you should take a Cash Passport when you travel

When I visited New York last year I wasn’t sure what options I should use to take spending money with me – do I take cash, my credit card or a Cash Passport?

In the end, I decided to take a mix of all three – some cash to pay for things like taxis and tips, a Cash Passport for the majority of my spending money and my credit card as a backup (just in case!)

I found this to be a perfect combination!

5 reasons why a Cash Passport is your perfect travel companion:

  1. It can be loaded with multiple currencies if you are travelling to a few different places.
  2. Shop at over 25 million retailers worldwide.
  3. Simple to reload with more money via BPAY, if required card to card.
  4. Emergency cash available if Cards are lost or stolen.
  5. You have the option of ordering a 2nd card (for a small cost) so you can take one with you and leave one in the hotel safe in case the other one is lost or stolen.

To get a Cash Passport, simply visit your local Branch.

Beyond Bank can make your journey easy with travel insuranceforeign currency and much more.


¹ Some ATM operators may charge their own fee or set their own limits.


  1. Adam

    I’ve used a Cash Passport in the past and do think they are good things for regular travellers. For occasional travellers though, I don’t think its worth the bother of having to keep track of another account. We need foreigh currency only once every couple of years and for that we stick with our debit card (at ATMs) and credit card (for purchases. To minimise foreign currency costs we: 1) never blow our last few dollars at the airport when we leave but rather keep it for next time; 2) withdraw cash via an ATM at the airport because, to my knowledge, the cheapest place to buy foreign currency is the country where it is used.

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