Mt Barker Rotary

Cooking up another great partnership

At Beyond Bank Australia, we have our roots planted firmly in your local community. We like hearing about what you are up to, following the progress of local sporting teams, helping out with fund raising drives, it’s a long list!

Pitching in to help is at the heart of what we do and it doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, we like to get involved.

That’s why we were happy to provide money to the Rotary Club in Mt. Barker, South Australia so that it could renovate its existing trailer by adding a BBQ and other utensils for the many charity drives it holds through the year.

Sounds like there are many sausage sizzles ahead!

We were also thrilled that the Club decided to become a recipient of our unique Community Reward Account which means that each year; they will receive a donation provided by Beyond Bank.

This donation is made possible by supporters of Rotary opening an account with Beyond Bank and nominating Rotary nominating Rotary as their preferred not for profit group.

Basically, while you do the saving, we do the giving on your behalf and at no cost to you. So the more you save, the more we can give back to Rotary and the community.

The Account also gives you a great interest rate, lots of free transactions and no account keeping fees.

Sounds good? Call us today or visit our website and start supporting your local cause, club or charity.