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Generation Y and Z know their ABCs

If you were born after 1980, chances are you are switched on, high tech, sophisticated and fashion savvy.

You’ve grown up with computers and the Internet, Facebook and Instagram and you’re ready, willing and able to embrace new technology in its many different formats.

But interestingly, a recent survey has found that you also share many of the same big picture concerns of the generations that have gone before.

Things like buying a home and finding a job.

Student Edge [1] has conducted some research into Gen Y and Z to find out their interests and concerns, the issues that trouble them, the challenges they face.

Remarkably, 60% are more worried about housing affordability than unemployment, alcohol and drugs and economic matters.

And for Generation Y, which is all those aged between 18-29, this rises to a startling 65%.

Women also worry more than men, with 61% concerned about buying a home compared with 54% of men.

It’s a staggering statistic and shows that almost two thirds of young people are worried about ever being in a strong enough financial position to save a deposit and buy their first home [2].

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