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Ganmain Grong Grong Matong Football Club

Ganmain Football Club [1] was formed in 1893 and is an integral part of the small rural township of Ganmain in the Riverina (population 600). The Club is the backbone of the community and relies on the support of the whole region to continue as one of the strongest clubs in the Riverina Football League (RFL)

In 1982 the Ganmain FC amalgamated with other local clubs Grong Grong and Matong and became Ganmain Grong Grong Matong Football Club [1].  With 11 senior grade premierships to their credit since 1984, the Ganmain Grong Grong Matong (GGGM) Lions have achieved more success in the Riverina Football League (RFL) than any other club. The highlight of the club’s history to date is its achievement in winning a hat-trick of senior grade premierships between 2004 and 2006 as well as 4 consecutive premierships between 2008 and 2011.

With over 120 senior football and netball players and 100 junior players the club continues to thrive due to the tireless efforts of their dedicated team of volunteers. The club is supported by over 100 local volunteers, three of the present gate-keepers have been volunteering at the club for over 50 years and recently retired Treasurer, Ken Warren held the position for over 40 years and current Secretary, John Cedelland has been a committee member for 24 years.

Beyond Bank [2] has enjoyed a long term community partnership with the Ganmain Grong Grong Matong Football Club since 1999. In 2002 the Club registered as a Community Reward Account [3] recipient organisation, in 2014 the club received an annual bonus payment of over $19,000 bringing the total bonus payments received by the club since 2002 to $165,000. They remain the top performing recipient organisation in our Community Reward Account Program [3] which is an amazing achievement for a local football club in a small rural community.

Annual bonus payments  from the Community Reward Account Program [3] have helped the club upgrade its interchange benches, purchase a team bus and just keep up with the high cost of buying enough strapping to treat the players injuries.

“Instead of selling raffle tickets or meat trays our supporters save their money in a Community Reward Account [3], and each year Beyond Bank pays us a Community Bonus – this means we can upgrade our football equipment and provide better coaching services to our club members.” Peter McCaig, Club President.

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