credit card

Our top 6 tips for managing your credit card

A credit card is an easy way to pay for everyday purchases. They can also be a useful way to manage your money – if you know the tricks and avoid the traps.

Here are our top six tips for playing your cards right:

  1. Paying your everyday expenses with credit will allow you to keep cash in your savings account for longer, earning you extra interest.
  2. If that account is a Mortgage Offset Account linked to your variable home loan, you could shave countless dollars and pay off your home sooner.
  3. Always pay your credit card on time to avoid late payment fees.
  4. Set up an auto transfer to make sure you never forget a payment.
  5. Make the most of interest-free days. Some credit cards give you up to 62 days on purchases to pay without attracting interest.
  6. Try not to take out cash advances from an ATM as the interest rate is higher.