Staff achievements

Here at Beyond Bank Australia, we like to celebrate the achievements of our extraordinary staff and the many unique activities and challenges they undertake when they’re not at work.

In the past, we’ve brought you stories of employees who volunteer, fundraise, act, sing, the list goes on.

Recently, two members of our executive team at the Waymouth St., Adelaide office have decided to participate in gruelling physical contests that have pushed them to the limit.

While most of us were resting up over the lazy Christmas holiday break, Product Manager, Luke Cibich was competing in a 56 kilometre ultra marathon in country Victoria.

It’s an event that demands supreme physical fitness, endurance and mental strength. Congratulations Luke on an unbelievable effort and thanks for the following insight into just how it feels to run 56 kilometres.

Here’s Luke’s story.

Meanwhile, National Community Development and Sponsorship Manager Shane Farley is preparing to tackle his first Ironman competition in New Zealand in February.

This entails a 4km swim, followed by a 200 km bike ride and a 42km marathon! You may remember Shane, rode form Adelaide to Melbourne last October so he’s already in pretty good shape but he admits the Ironman is a whole new level.

This is Shane’s story.