Celebrating Seniors Week

It’s Seniors Week here in Canberra and around the office we have taken the time to reflect on our older Australians and the valuable contribution they make.

I sit here at my desk thinking of several seniors I know and the amazing way they look after others in our community. Nearly all of them are volunteers in some capacity and in fact, most charitable organisations would struggle for their quota of volunteers without these amazing older Australians.

I recently read an article that disclosed that our generous seniors make more charitable donations per capita than any other age group and that says a lot about them. But their contributions are not just limited to financial. They give of their time to others in need, providing assistance with transport, shopping, doctors visits and their precious company to those who may house bound, desperately lonely or dealing with loss.

In my own case, my husband and I find our elderly parents invaluable. They each provide a day of babysitting for us so I can stay in the workforce part time and help with the family’s expenses. I have 3 very energetic little boys, so I am constantly amazed at how their grandparents seem to have endless things to talk about and things to do with the children and not be completely exhausted when we get home!

More than babysitters, they are our children’s teachers, advisors and good friends. With a lifetime of experience and advice, our kids are extremely fortunate to have this special time with their grandparents.

I also think of the wonderful seniors who have become caregivers to their own spouse. Perhaps a husband or wife has become wheelchair-bound, been diagnosed with Alzheimers or another such illness. Their partner now becomes their primary care giver, which can be extremely physically and emotionally demanding.

The fact is, our society would not function properly without these vital members. I hope this week, you can take a few moments to think about the older people in your own life and what they mean to you and those around you.

As part of Seniors Week, Beyond Bank is the major sponsor of the Seniors Expo. Held on Thursday 17th March at Thoroughbred Park, you will find over 140 exhibitors with information on great topics such as travel, community links, retirement services and investment ideas. We would love all our wonderful seniors to come along and join us for a complimentary morning tea and go in the draw to win our $500 hamper. Free ACTION bus rides all day for Senior Card holders!