National Volunteering Conference

National Volunteering Conference 2016

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community. Volunteers are everywhere.

They may be your neighbour, your workmate, your friend. They may well be you.

You will notice them pitching together in times of crisis, like when storms, fire or floods occur. They are always ready, willing and able.

You will see them at Saturday morning sport, the mums and dads who coach, manage or cook the sausage sizzle at their child’s sporting club.

You will know them as charity workers who clock up countless hours fundraising, preparing meals, serving at thrift shops or as carers who tend to the frail, elderly or disabled.

There is a saying that beautifully sums up how esteemed our volunteers are. The saying is ‘volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless’.

Sometimes though because of their selfless giving, it is easy to forget that volunteers need support, networking and ongoing learning and development. While volunteering is a calling, it deserves to be treated like any other profession.

The upcoming Volunteering Australia National Volunteering Conference is an opportunity for volunteers from around the country to reflect on their successes and plan for the future. The conference theme, ‘Build the Future,’ will advance volunteering through bringing the sector together to build leadership, knowledge, networks and innovation in volunteering.

Beyond Bank is honoured to be the key national partner of Volunteering Australia and its official conference partner. Beyond Bank CEO, Robert Keogh, will open the conference and throughout the conference Beyond Bank staff in the ACT will act as volunteers and assist the conference organisers with whatever needs to be done.

Beyond Bank General Manager of Community Development will also speak at the conference on the topic of “Disruption in the Volunteering Sector”. Peter will share his insights and views and given the topic it is sure to be a well attended presentation.

Attendees at the conference will hear from experts including John Brogden, CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors on topics such as self-care, innovative programs and models of volunteering, trends, opportunities and emerging challenges.

The National Volunteering Conference is being held in Canberra from 6-8 April 2016. For more information or to register to attend the conference visit