How the Mai-Wel Group helps the Hunter community

Beyond Bank is really excited to be partnering with The Mai-Wel Group, which has been providing opportunity and choice to people with a disability or disadvantage in the Hunter Region for nearly 60 years.

The Mai-Wel Group is an invaluable service for our local region. Not only does it run three Australian Disability Enterprises (PACE setters, The Enterprise Centre and TimeSavers) which provide employment to those with a disability, they also assist people with a disability or disadvantage to find and keep a job through Mai-Wel LabourForce Solutions.

I have personally seen the wonderful service LabourForce Solutions provides as they assist my younger brother, Jacob. Jacob has Muscular Dystrophy, a neuromuscular disorder that causes progressive and irreversible weakness and wasting of the muscles. The disorder comes with mobility issues, fatigue and heart problems, which increases as time progresses, and a shortened life expectancy. He was diagnosed at age two and fought against the odds to hold out of being completely dependent on a wheelchair until he was 16.

As a young man, going through the last few years of schooling and then the daunting prospect of finding employment, Mai-Wel stepped in to help source appropriate training and employment options for him. It is really important for people with a disability, especially young people, to feel included, independent and have a purpose. Mai-Wel is able to help these people reach that.



Since his early 20’s Jacob has been able to maintain employment positions suited to his needs. Due to his muscle fatigue he cannot work full time hours and he also requires a position that will fit with his mobility needs. To meet these needs, LabourForce Solutions has sourced part time employment opportunities in administration, where Jacob can actively contribute to an organisation and the employer’s needs are also being met. Now, at 26 years old, he is currently working two days a week at the Department of Primary Industries. He is continually developing his skills, getting to experience independence and interacting with other people. It is really pleasing to see the positive impact this has on his life.

Aside from employment opportunities and support, Mai-Wel also offers a wide range of services for people with a disability in the areas of living options, working life and lifestyle and leisure to help create enjoyable experiences and a higher quality of life.

Knowing just how important an organisation like Mai-Wel is to our community, it is fantastic that Beyond Bank are partnering with them to help raise funds for their programs. Mai-Wel is currently running their annual raffle, with first prize being a French River Cruise for two people valued at up to $21,000. Tickets are $5 each and are limited. They can be purchased at any Beyond Bank branch in the Hunter Region or online (limited to NSW residents). The raffle is being drawn 15 July 2016 – all terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Mai-Wel are also part of our Community Reward Program and you can support Mai-Wel year round by opening a Community Reward Account.

– Teagan Cronin