Roxby’s Volunteer of the Month

Beyond Bank Australia has joined the hunt to track down and reward Roxby’s silent army of volunteers.

The Bank will support Volunteer of the Month which seeks to recognise and promote the outstanding contribution of volunteers in the local community.

“Nominating a volunteer costs nothing but it gives that person a chance to receive some well deserved acknowledgment for their time and dedication to making our town that bit better and brighter, “ said Beyond Bank Australia’s, Community Development Manager, John Hunt.

“Volunteers are everywhere and what is remarkable about all of them is that they go about their work quietly and without fuss.

“They give because they want to and rarely seek accolades or applause.

“Without doubt, they also know that you get back far more than you could ever give and that’s why Beyond Bank Australia wants to send them a cheer through this unique local initiative.”

Volunteers who are nominated will receive a $100 donation from the Bank to go to a volunteering organisation or charity of their choice in a programme managed by the Roxby Downs Community Board.

“These sorts of ideas which have also won the vital support of The Monitor Newspaper really bring the town together,” said Mr Hunt.

“And I’m looking forward to hearing about the great work that Roxby’s volunteers have been doing as they really are the lifeblood of the community.”