Matt Napier

Walk to a Better World

I spent some time over the weekend playing soccer with my boys. With a husband and three little boys, it seems like a good portion of my life is spent ducking soccer balls. Our family’s version of ‘soccer’ is putting mum in goals while the boys line up to kick balls at me. During our most recent bout, whilst trying to kick a soccer ball around the yard I discovered two things: 1. I am really hopeless at soccer and 2. Kicking a soccer ball around in particular direction is actually really hard – way harder than it looks.

My admittedly lame attempt at being a soccer champion got me thinking about a remarkable guy I met a few months ago – Matt Napier.

Matt is one of those amazing people who sees a problem and without hesitation sets about solving it – no matter how daunting the task might seem. In 2007 during a trip to Nepal, Matt was exposed to extreme poverty for the first time and it left a major impression on him. Over the years he has undertaken several fund raising activities in a bid to end extreme poverty and create a fairer world for all. If you would like to read about them, please click here.

His latest journey is not for the faint hearted. Between June and August of this year, Matt will walk 2,250 km across South Africa to raise awareness of global poverty. Matt being Matt decided just walking was far too easy and will be kicking and/or carrying a soccer ball the entire way. On top of this, he will be living on just US$1.25 per day as do those on the poverty line.

One of the best things about Matt is that prior to his adventures he tours around schools and gives inspirational talks to the kids. He talks compassionately about the issue of poverty with children who are sometimes hearing about it for the first time. He encourages them to talk with their families about how they can help to end world poverty or other social issues they come across. Schools can then sponsor of Matt by holding their own mini walk or holding a BBQ to raise funds. They can also follow Matt’s journey on his website, which is also a great way for kids to learn about other countries (please see the ‘school visits’ link on Matt’s website).

Beyond Bank is thrilled to be supporting Matt and his team in his upcoming walk around Africa. We invite you to follow Matt’s journey with us as he sets off on 5 June. If you would like to support Matt, please join us and make a pledge on his website. Not everyone can play soccer and not everyone can walk 2,250 km, but we can all get behind someone who is trying to make a difference in the world live in.


Photo of Matt from The Canberra Times