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Entrepreneur Simone set for success

As we launch our 2016 Community Entrepreneur Program, we’ve enjoyed getting back in touch with previous recipients and none have a better story to tell than Simone Eyles.

Simone is the founder of Working Spaces HQ which fosters entrepreneurship and economic development across the Wagga Wagga region by providing co-working spaces.

It’s a brilliant idea that began as nothing more than a concept bubbling way in Simone’s head.

“I’ve got a zillion ideas and sometimes I can’t sleep but it was the first step in actually sitting down and applying for the Beyond Bank grant that was the hardest because suddenly, your idea is public and you are accountable,” said Simone.

Despite her initial fears, Simone’s grant was successful and with a cheque for $10,000 she quickly set about turning her business plan into reality.

“I didn’t enter expecting to win but formalising my plan really helped take my idea to the next level and gave me an action plan to follow.

“My advice to anyone considering applying is don’t let years go by with your idea only living in your mind.”

Less than a year later, Working Spaces HQ has 57 members and has hosted 48 businesses with two budding entrepreneurs recently having the chance to present their business pitch to NSW’s visiting Regional Development Minister, John Barilaro.

It’s amazing how quickly Simone’s business has grown and prospered and we are delighted to have played a helping hand.

“Now more than ever, entrepreneurs need a bit of help to get started,” said Beyond Bank’s General Manager, Community Development, Peter Rutter.

“There are some great ideas out there and for those looking to turn their dream into reality; a few thousand dollars can go a very long way as Simone has proved.”