Orange Sky Laundry

Orange Sky Laundry

Laundry. Sigh. Just the word fills my head with images of the piles and piles my 3 sons provide me with on a daily basis. Mud, grass stains, tomato sauce…its all there…waiting…..daily. Recently I discovered there is only one thing worse than a ton of laundry…and that is no laundry at all.

I attended the launch of a fantastic new service that is the brainchild of two young guys from Brisbane – Australia’s first mobile laundry service for the homeless called Orange Sky Laundry. Established 18 months ago by Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marcheski, this brilliant idea earned them the honour of becoming Young Australians of the Year for 2016.

Their custom fitted vans have been servicing parks and drop in centres across Australia and the wider community with its two industrial washers and dryers in each van. Orange Sky has 5 services across Australia in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and SE Victoria and on the 28th April, Canberra became the lucky new location to obtain an Orange Sky Laundry van.

I wondered how much use the Canberra van would actually get and was completely shocked to find out that the nation’s capital has one of the highest levels of homelessness per capita outside the NT. There are 105k Homeless people in Australia (56% Male 44% Women). I find the statistics startling and disappointing. In this day and age, its quite unbelievable that we have anyone sleeping outside anymore.

Lucas and Nicholas were disheartened by the statistics also, but decided to do something about it to help the homeless in an area that the Government did not currently service – laundry services. Currently, there are services in place to help with food and shelter, but access to laundry services is very limited. Since Orange Sky Laundry began in 2014, more than 105,000 kilograms of linen and clothes have been washed free of charge for the homeless and disadvantaged.

Beyond Bank are thrilled to be getting behind this fantastic initiative. We love giving our support to those who are creating more good in the community as that is what we are all about! To learn more about Orange Sky Laundry please click here.