hutt st

Putting my coffee making skills to the community test

One of the reasons I joined Beyond Bank Australia was because I felt like I connected with their values around local communities.

I jumped at the chance to get involved in a great event like the Hutt St. Centre’s ‘Walk a Mile in my boots” campaign which is supported by Beyond Bank.

The campaign is an annual fundraising event to help promote awareness of homelessness and raise funds to underpin the services Hutt St Centre provides to people facing homelessness in Adelaide.

After making some three thousand coffees and feeling a bit weary bearing the cold wet weather it reminded me that was nothing like the hardship that I saw being faced by those who rely upon the Centre’s daily support for meals and shelter. It also showed me how hard everybody works and always with a genuine smile on their face.

I got such a buzz from helping out alongside other volunteers and seeing how the organisation works. It was definitely a well-oiled machine even with a very amateur barista churning out the coffee!

I look forward to further opportunities to help out as a volunteer and it’s an experience I have shared with my broader team of financial planners. Hopefully I’ll inspire them to do the same.

Our Wealth Management team also offer our boardroom space to community groups for meetings and conferences.

Just don’t ask me to make the coffee.