Salary sacrifice

Salary Sacrifice…is it worth the sacrifice?

First of all, what does salary sacrifice even mean?

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement you make with your employer. For example, many people may choose to divert some of their before tax income to their superannuation.

That way you get the double benefit of reducing your taxable income and increasing your retirement savings.

Tell me more about how it helps minimise my tax

If you have chosen to salary sacrifice, your income tax will be based on your reduced income which means that you will pay less tax.

As we start thinking about the end of financial year, salary sacrifice may be a great way to minimise your tax, although the later you leave it, you may not be able to maximize your position and meet your cash flow requirements.

Topping up your superannuation fund during the year through sacrificing some of your salary means two things: you will accumulate more super and you may pay less income tax.

Because your employer has been paying part of your income into your super, your taxable annual income is reduced so there is less personal income tax to pay and you could even find yourself in a lower tax bracket.

Within your superannuation fund however, your salary sacrificed amount will be taxed at a maximum of 15%, which may be lower than your marginal tax rate. This is a very good option if you are moving towards retirement.

If you’re interested, get in touch with your Financial Planner today and at that first meeting, don’t forget to bring along any supporting documentation such as your recent tax history, your income, any super payments as well as detail regarding your existing super and so on.

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