Fremantle competition

Taking delivery in more ways than one

When we decided to put out the call to track down Fremantle’s most passionate supporter, we knew we would receive some amazing and interesting entries.

Yet none could beat that of diehard Dockers’ fan, Linda Willis.

Linda was due to give birth to her first child on Saturday, August 18 2012, a date that coincided with Fremantle’s Round 21 match against Richmond.

As fate would have it, Linda’s labour began the night before the game got underway at Subiaco.

While the timing was slightly inconvenient, Linda, accompanied by her partner and mother, was admitted to Perth’s King Edward Hospital and quickly put the TV on in the delivery room.

So engrossed did Linda become in the nail-biting match, that her contractions stalled.

Attending midwives decided that the only way to get this expectant mum to focus on the job at hand was to turn off the TV.

That’s when Linda’s passion for Fremantle became very apparent.

After a few terse words, the TV went back on, the volume went back up and the baby just had to wait.

At the final siren, with the Dockers delivering a 22 point win over the Tigers, Linda knew it was time to make a delivery of her own and tiny MacKenzie arrived not long after.

Almost four years later, Linda shared her story with us and we are pleased to announce that she is the winner of our Fremantle guernsey, signed by the whole team.

Hard to find a more deserving winner and we are also delighted to announce that MacKenzie, recently joined by baby brother Jack are two of the smallest Dockers’ supporters …. Not that they had much choice!