3 cheap home renovations to increase the value of your home

To increase the value of your home, you don’t always have to knock down walls or build new brand new extensions. Sometimes, a few home improvements can make a significant difference.

These three cheap home renovation tips could help you get a better offer on your house without having to break the bank.

1. Floors, walls and ceilings

It’s amazing how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint makes. To make the most of every room, opt for off-whites and neutral colours. Come viewing time, make sure all blinds and curtains are open and the house looks as bright as possible.

When you’re painting, don’t forget the ceilings. It’s a detail often forgotten by sellers, but certainly not by buyers. A clean, bright ceiling does wonders for the way a house is perceived. Even more so than looking up, buyers tend to look down. It’s a good idea to pay extra attention to entrance floors, since this is the first thing they see when they enter.

Bathrooms especially call for neat floors. This doesn’t mean you have to retile your entire bathroom, but simply replacing any chipped tiles can make the space more appealing. If your bathroom floor is looking a bit worn and discoloured, a sheet of vinyl is a great low-cost solution.

2. Buff the tub, customise the cabinets

The kitchen and bathroom are undoubtedly the most important rooms for a lot of prospective buyers looking to buy a home. These spaces don’t need a complete overhaul to be upgraded. Simply refacing or refinishing cabinets, or even changing the countertops can change the entire look of a kitchen.

Aside from fixing the bathroom floors, buffing the bath tub and sinks is something that’s often forgotten. The toilet should be absolutely spotless.

3. Curb appeal

Some small outdoor changes can really draw buyers to your front door. These can be charming details like flowers, pot plants or even patio furniture. Remember though, a respectable flower garden can take three months to grow, so you might want to get a head start before spring sets in!

On the same token, don’t go too crazy. Anything that looks high-maintenance could be a turn-off for buyers. Placing a neat fence could be a nice improvement. A timber picket fence would only cost $60 to $180 per metre, but this would definitely be a plus for young families or buyers with pets.

These renovation ideas won’t cost you much, but might earn you a lot!


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