Using Business as a Force for Good

Beyond Bank Australia Achieves B Corp Certification!

Beyond Bank Australia has become the first retail bank in Australia to be awarded the highly prestigious B Corp Certification.

By achieving this global recognition, the Bank has joined more than 1600 companies in 43 countries in a push for a more sustainable future.

“Achieving this certification shows that as a bank, we focus on creating benefits for our customers, our staff, the local community and the environment rather than purely on creating wealth for stockholders” said Beyond Bank CEO, Robert Keogh.

B Corp’s such as Beyond Bank hold themselves accountable to higher standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and governance and aspire to use their business as a force for good.

After completing B Corps Impact Assessment, Beyond Bank received an impressive score of 105 out of 200 which demonstrates/proves our commitment to going beyond. Click here to view a copy of our B Impact Report.

The very nature of being a B Corp means that Beyond Bank believes in a better way of doing business and the importance of using our business to help find solutions to social, and environmental problems.