Anti grabbity set to take off

An invention by a Canberra entrepreneur could soon be keeping kids safe in homes around Australia following a $10,000 grant from Beyond Bank Australia’s Community Entrepreneur Program.

Anti Grabbity is a removable device that helps improve balcony safety. It prevents small children from pulling themselves over balcony railings in high-rise apartments, hotels and cruise ships.

The device consists of a strip of little prickles which are uncomfortable to touch when weight bearing. It attaches to balcony railings with cable ties or glue dots. It can be assembled in less than five minutes and costs just $20 a metre. No modifications are required to the railing so it can be used by people renting as well as home owners.

This simple, but clever and effective design helped Anti Grabitty stand out amongst many excellent nominations for the second annual ACT CEP grant round.

Families around Australia, and indeed the world, are increasingly living in medium and high density housing and Anti Grabbity is designed to make apartments more family friendly.

“Balconies provide outdoor living space in apartments, but they are often underutilised by families because of justifiable fears about children climbing railings and falling,” Anti Grabbity Director, Hollie Bell explained. “Using Anti Grabbity will give parents more confidence to use this space and let their children play outdoors.”

Anti Grabbity started selling on 5 September 2016 and can be purchased at The Beyond Bank grant will be used to market the product.

Its potential popularity was clear within days of it becoming available for the first time. After a few social media mentions, sales started coming in from all over, including Singapore where high rise living is a way of life.

Hollie also sees potential for Anti Grabbity to help prevent teenagers and adults engaging in risky behaviour such as planking and balcony hopping.

Anti Grabbity provides a low-cost and non-permanent solution to the problem of people climbing on balcony railings.

“We believe it will also act as a deterrent to burglars who may access a property by climbing onto the balcony and help cat owners who do not want their pets going out at night,” Hollie said.

Beyond Bank  looks forward to being with Hollie as she builds the Anti Grabbity business and hopes to soon see this product in homes, hotels and anywhere else it will make a difference.

Applications for the next round of Community Entrepreneur Program grants will open soon and more information about the program can be found at

Entrepreneur Grants – Applications are now open! (July 2017)

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