Best new car less than 16k

The best new cars available for less than $16k

In the search for a cheap new car, it’s important to keep more in mind than just the initial cost. Without thorough research, running it is what could cost you. Those shiny top sellers aren’t always the most affordable cars to own.

If you’re looking for affordable new cars under $16,000, you’ll want a model that is also affordable to keep on the road.

1. Suzuki Celerio – $12,990

According to the Car Advice, the Suzuki Celerio is the cheapest new car to run and own in Australia. The car comfortably seats four adults, includes all the essential tech-goodies and has very low running costs.

While the initial buying price of the Celerio is $11,990, the car costs just under $5,000 per year to run. This is less than a quarter of the most expensive car to run in Australia. The Toyota Landcruiser GXL 4×4 will set you back $18,836 per year.

The Celerio is even more cost-effective than its predecessor Suzuki Alto, but still features all the same benefits. The car comes with a petite 1 litre three-cylinder engine and uses 4.7L/100km on average, says WhichCar.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage – $11,990

Coming in close second is the Mitsubishi Mirage. Despite the car’s lower drive-away price tag, it’s the slightly higher running costs that bump it to number two. Numbers by the Royal Automobile Association show that the Mirage costs about $107.10 per week to run, against the extremely competitive $95.55 per week the Suzuki Celerio has to offer.

Still, with its punchy 1.2 litre four-cylinder engine and incredible fuel economy figure of 4.6L/100km, WhichCar attributes its status as one of the most popular vehicles in the small-car segment to its 5-star ANCAP safety rating.

Despite the low price tag, the micro car also boasts six airbags, hill start assist, Bluetooth, stability control, and many more comfort features.

3. Holden Spark – $13,990

This pocket-sized Holden is mainly directed at younger buyers. It has been reinvented, not just by giving it a sleeker look and a new name, but by getting a brand new engine. According to WhichCar, 2016 brought a new 1.4 litre engine for the little Spark, resulting in an excellent fuel economy figure of 5.2L/100km.

The higher drive-away price tag is justified by a 4-star ANCAP safety rating and the junior Holden’s main strength – servicing. The Holden Spark’s servicing is among the cheapest out there.

Always remember to look further than the initial buying cost. Considering car safety, servicing and running costs are a must in finding reliable, affordable cars under $16,000.